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Did your grandmother make homemade biscuits? Out of these six we found the Burger King biscuit to be the absolute worst. Not one of us took a second bite. I remembered them as good biscuits. These were edible, but paled in comparison to the other three. Around the Whataburger mark, Martin mentioned that it tasted like a homemade biscuit, not meaning it was necessarily a good thing or bad thing, just a thing.

While Whataburger was good or at least good enough, the showdown was between Chick-fil-A and Bojangles. But Bojangles is growing on me. Despite the Chick-fil-A deformity we still had to edge them out over Bojangles. The two are dissimilar styles of biscuits, both excellent, and though for some unknown reason I was secretly rooting for Bojangles, I had to agree with my other judges that Chick-fil-A won this round.

For chicken there was a race to the bottom. Thinner than a pinky finger, this piece of trash belonged in the can. I may regret publicizing this, but I can go for some boot-shaped trashy McNuggets now and then. I would eat it again. But again, the top two were heavily contested. I love the peanut oil flavor of the Chick-fil-A chicken. The dark breading of pressure-fried chicken has a tangy flavor that keeps you returning.


Bojangles, though, has a great chicken with a spicy finish that brings them to the top of this list. Overall the trends remained close to the same for every category. Chick-fil-A was the most expeditious and Burger King the slowest. Bojangles and Chick-fil-A are definitely the top competitors, with Chick-fil-A squeaking out the win.

Burger King was the smallest, second-most expensive, with a tasteless biscuit and processed chicken bested by elementary school cafeterias on bad days. Consider the score settled. Owner William Stitt, aka Bill-E, opened the business years ago on Highway formerly known as County Road 27 , and what began as a meager hot dog and hamburger joint exploded into a bustling restaurant with live music and a funky vibe. Unpretentious grub and cold libations make this a charming go-to. Try the Mardi Gras Dog with a cold beer. And anything with bacon. If there is any reason at all for you to celebrate by staying in, consider this soup as an appetizer or main course.

The Baton Rouge-based chain of pizzerias says the shape can be applied to any of its famous signature pizzas, or you may create your own with up to three regular toppings. They also offer pasta, calzones, sandwiches, soups and salads. No problem. Our closest are in Saraland and Fairhope. Mobilians may have. Add veggies and cook until soft. Season with salt and pepper. Add stock and milk. Continue cooking over low heat and pulverize with an immersion blender or process in a blender.

In a small skillet, melt remaining butter and add garlic cloves whole. Cook until browned. Remove garlic and finely chop. Add shrimp and cook one minute per side. Add shrimp and garlic to soup pot, butter and all. Serve with fresh chopped parsley But neither the automotive manufacturers nor the burgeoning aerospace industry were attracted to Alabama simply by an underserved workforce. In recent years, lawmakers have also incentivized larger investors with job training and infrastructure improvements.

Today, it closely mirrors those of other states competing for the same developments. Available to employers with a Department of Labor-registered apprenticeship program in one of the five industry sectors advance. While a dollar figure was not available, the department noted five applicants had been approved for the Port Credit through , creating direct jobs.

Robert Bentley, restructured the way incentives are offered to businesses and industries promising at least 25 new jobs in rural counties and 50 new jobs in urban counties. The Jobs Act is scheduled to sunset at the end of During its latest meeting Jan. Additional provisions are available for employers seeking to expand or relocate to targeted rural counties those with populations of fewer than 25, people as well as those who hire veterans.

When complete, the company promises as many as jobs will be created. David Rodgers, vice president of economic development for the Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce, oversees business recruitment, expansion opportunities for existing industries, workforce development and international trade, and foreign direct investment for the chamber. He said the area likely would not have been as attractive to those employers without the Jobs Act incentives. And the good thing about that is it allows other sites to be developed, or if nothing else it allows more residential areas to be developed.

He said with the exception of the UTC Aerospace expansion in Foley, Baldwin County has largely relied upon local incentives for recent developments. But one amenity has proven to be a huge draw for investors. Criticism of the incentives and abatements is sporadic, but as the state struggles to find revenue for increased health care costs, road construction and repair, and schools and jails, among other things, some wonder whether program recipients should pay a greater share.

As recently as Feb. Our goal is to create enough opportunity in the state … across that whole spectrum in Alabama, so that all Alabamians have access to the type of job they are qualified for. His work is more concise and efficient, yet still kicks away dirt from the pain and shame hastily buried in the human soul. All are tragically flawed and self-destructive. For the uninitiated, hard times force Blanche DuBois to leave her ancestral Mississippi mansion and move in with sister Stella and her working-class husband, Stanley Kowalski, in a run-down New Orleans apartment.

It checks all the boxes for the best of Southern Gothic, not the least of which is its decadent Crescent City setting. The only thing missing is seersucker. Theatre 98 plays to its advantages. Its small size — 98 seats — and theater-in-the-round setting trap the audience. The lecture starts at p. I know community theaters have an understandable limitation of resources but it fiddled with my suspension of disbelief. The dysfunction is tangible and widespread here. The show runs through Feb. Theatre 98 suggests getting on standby. Artifice suggests an extended run. It contains drawings, photographs and poems.

The reception takes place Feb. Light refreshments are provided and a guest speaker will make introductory comments. Admission is free. For more information, call or go to southalabama. The Azalea City Center for the Arts is ready to launch a capital funding campaign to build an updated, more fully functioning center for expanding needs, and would like input from the community before going further. The center is distributing surveys to interested members of the public as part of the process.

The questionnaire takes only 10 minutes to complete and should be turned in by Feb. If you would like to access and complete a survey, call or email azaleacity mindspring. Hearing a film score in a darkened theater can be exciting, but you have to hear it live to understand its full potential. Joachim St. Some of this music is every bit as complex and well-crafted as the opera music from a century earlier. Director Timothy Guy tosses action back and forth. Conflicts and outbursts occur in the laps of one row of seats, then across to another, then another.

Sightlines keep nothing hidden.

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Practical and decorative lighting are perfectly attuned. In its initial Broadway run, his phenomenal performance catapulted him from an unknown into the theatrical heavens. When he recreated it in film, it only heightened his legend. Those are intimidating shoes to fill, even seven decades later.

Joe Fuselli shows a spine like a redwood to even try. You got the sense this was a nice guy trying to channel the worst parts of himself, looking for a volcano of danger and erotic malice. But as things grew more intense, Fuselli really came alive. It made their attraction more realistic. When they tumbled into bed in feverish lust, I felt intrusive.

Being only 10 feet away was part of it,. The undoubted star of the show is Reagan McDowell as Blanche. Her instability, her judgments, everything about her emotional beats are exactly where they need to be. Though this is only her third production with Theatre 98, you would never know it. When she pulls from her emotive well, what flows forth is genuinely unnerving in the most exhilarating and terrifying ways. These days, he has been focusing on the release of his 10th album. Ultimately, he thinks these are some of the tracks in a more familiar environment.

He said rebest songs he has ever written. The audience will let going with it. This duo specializes the music I like is informed by the blues. Like, The in the sounds of the early 20th century. Besides its hypnotic tracks, the release accents this classic music with production aspects matching the sounds. This journey began at iconic Birmingham venue The Nick. Mullis said bassist Jesse Phillips from St.

Afterwards, Phillips complimented the performance and suggested the band make the trip to Memphis. We were just fortunate to have that. Fairhope , Tickets: Call for more info. When he was fresh out of high school, Ted Hefko decided to trade his agrarian surroundings in Wisconsin for the big-city bustle of New Orleans. With jazz flowing through his veins, Hefko decided to immerse himself in New Orleans culture while attending the University of New Orleans.

Afterward, he spent a decade as a hired gun, lending his saxophone in acts from New Orleans to the Big Apple. These days, he double-times between saxophone and guitar onstage with his backing band, The Thousandaires. This show promises to keep spirits high with music shaped by the streets of New Orleans. This staple Dauphin Street watering hole specializes in catering to a late night crowd, which sometimes lasts until sunrise. Respected diva Symone French will use pure power and emotion to amplify the love and affection created by the holiday.

Fresh from a hiatus, Fisher has been spending time performing with Matthew Neese. Cedar St. Mobile , cedarstreetsocialclub. A VIP ticket will grant access to a special area and includes an open bar. In addition to food and drinks, The Heartbreaker Ball will include musical entertainment that begins with a set from local country rockers The Red Clay Strays. This Gulfport-based singer-songwriter will be crooning his way into the hearts of everyone. Like the boys themselves, this movie only looks tough on the outside; it conceals a great deal of heart beneath a great deal of cursing.

An undersized young man named Sunny Suljic stars as Stevie, who I can only presume is a stand-in for a young Jonah Hill. I saw this because they even look alike, but mostly because this film is full of the kind of details that simply must be true. Suljic is raw and beautiful as a little boy exploring adulthood, and he has a certain flair that makes him more interesting than just a quiet nerd.

When he earns some popularity, you can see why. Growing increasingly isolated from. He immediately idolizes the various young men hanging around inside and, through a fellow closer to his age, Ruben, gets his foot in the door of their world. Their camaraderie gives Stevie a boost of self confidence, and in some ways he flourishes under their influence. Skating gives him an outlet and the friendship he desperately craves.

Ray, the leader, is a charismatic and intelligent guy, smarter and more sensitive than his pals. He is the only one who protests, all too briefly, when their youngest friends start drinking and taking drugs. As Stevie spends more time with his friends, he continues to negotiate that boundary between freedom and danger, and even his fairly ineffectual mother gets clued in that he is going too far. His older brother, who seems like just a muscly jerk, very slowly reveals himself. It is more subtly written than any other relationship in the film, but a rewarding one to watch. Ray is also the best skater of the group, and throughout the film he grows more disenchanted with his best friend, who is wild and getting wilder, and goes by an unpublishable nickname.

Things come to a head when Ray tries to host a skating event behind the shop in an effort to woo some sponsors for himself, and the situation deteriorates due to alcohol. Just when you think this little movie is only going to be about skating and cursing, which is actually fine with me, Jonah Hill manages to raise the stakes, but does so in a natural and believable progression. All listed multiplex theaters, Nexus Cinema Dining.

A vigilante Liam Neeson, obviously seeks cold-blooded justice against a psychotic drug lord and his sleazy henchmen. All listed multiplex theaters. Join special guests and community partners in celebrating black heritage in reading, poetry, storytelling and songs. Call Winter Wednesdays at Bellingrath Wednesday, Feb. Wednesday, Feb. To register, call or email bellingrath bellingrath. Parents of students in grades 9, 10 and 11 in Baldwin County high schools are invited to an open house offering students an opportunity to pursue career training in aviation, electrical and instrumentation, welding and millwright.

Families with young children are invited for exploring science, technology, engineering and math through stories and making projects together. Visit disl. Alabama Authors Day Saturday, Feb. An annual showcase of Alabama authors. Special cruise to Bayou Canot, scene of the derailment of the Sunset Limited and the last documented importation of African slaves into the U. For reservations visit blakeleypark. Contact Joycelyn Davis at joycelyn. Fairhope History Lectures Thursday, Feb. Market at The Pillars Sunday, Feb. Shop local farmers, crafters and bakers; local food and live music.

Visit chrischampnapier. Reading by Jamie Quatro Tuesday, Feb. Reading by author Jamie Quatro. Reception and book signing to follow. Free and open to the public. If you have a child in K-6 and want to teach them about owning their own business, visit lemonadeday. Educational Lecture Series Through Feb. Lectures are approximately 60 minutes. For complete list, visit gulfshores. Call or visit fairhopeal. Census jobs The U. Census Bureau is seeking temporary part-time workers to apply to conduct the Census in Southwest Alabama, including Mobile and Baldwin counties.

Apply at census. Loda Artwalk Friday, Feb.

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Visit facebook. Visit gatoralleyfarm. Bring your children to make handprint tiles, which will. UsToo focuses on support, advocacy and education for those affected by prostate cancer. Visit ustoomobile. Advance reservations required; email Lisa. Thursday, Feb. Catered dinner including beverages, spacious dance floor and reserved seating.

Tickets available via eventbrite. Call or Alabama bicentennial murals Through Feb. Visit esartcenter. Visit Ozanampharmacy. Tickets available at give. No reservations necessary. MMoA is at Museum Drive. Gently used athletic shoes accepted through March For more information and drop-off locations, visit baldwinboneandjoint. Learn about the artistry involved in the revitalization of the Crystal Ice House.

Complimentary appetizers. Baldwin Pops Concerts Thursday, Feb. Free admittance. Visit lwccim. All ages and backgrounds. Mobile Museum of Art; call or visit mobilemuseumofart. Visit historymuseumofmobile. Iron Hand Brewing, State St. Instructor Dwayne Rapp will be there to help any beginners.

Coach Mike Ho is available to play or help with beginners. Bingo at Via Bingo every Tuesday and Thursday, p. Open to the public. West Coast Swing in Fairhope Wednesdays at 7 p. Call for more information. Adult skate night The second and fourth Sundays of each month, p. Learn about the power of YouTube video and how you can use video content to promote your business, improve marketing efforts and build a loyal audience. Workshop shop is free; registration is required and space is limited. Work sessions are second and fourth Tuesday at a. Wintzell Ave. Chickasaw City Council: Second and fourth Tuesday at 7 p.

Craft Highway, Citronelle City Council: Second and fourth Thursday at p. Creola City Council: Second and fourth Thursday at 6 p. Daphne City Council: First and third Monday at p. Work sessions second Monday of each month at p. Elberta Town Council: Third Tuesday of each month at 6 p. Workshop meeting on the second Tuesday, townofelberta. Fairhope City Council: Second and fourth Monday at 6 p. Section St. Same way most of us miss out on the 3H to be house of Parents Death not just mother which Parasara pointed out. Maataaram means Mother In Law 6H as per Varanasi edition whereas most of us take the 10H 4th from 7th for mother in law.

Another meaning of Sapatni can also be loosely understood as the maid who stays with wife as per some scholars in olden times the maid was given as dowry and stayed with your wife in your house for life. This point has been ignored by most. The people take only 6H for debts but in this verse 11 it uses the word Debts Rinsyapi.

So one should see from 10H Debts too. One can infer what the Sage has so far said has been ignored till now or vice versa, but may it atleast make you a voracious and tooth-combing reader. T wo things are important, One is studying the shastra like a shastra and the other is gaining from experience as to what works amongst the written word. One of the most important debates lead by modern scholars is when Rahu Ketu are only mathematical points and not physical planets, how can they have physical aspects.

Today whip masters like him can only make us better students. Kindly note the words marked in brown in the Sanskrit verse. Verses on Rahu and Ketu aspects. Published by Chaukhamba Amarabharati Prakashan, Varanasi. Similar are the aspects of Ketu. Gopeshkumar in his commentary on Jataka Parijata published by Motilal Banarasidas, also gives below shloka, and credits the BPHS for this shloka This is the shloka that also appears in Santanam's book if memory serves right and is attributed to the Bombay edition , which is more or less similar to the one in Brihajjataka commentary and runs as :.

It is blind does not aspect in own house the bhava occupied or own rasi, perhaps the later. It is blind when in own house devoid of aspect. Khemraj Shrikrishnadas Publications Mumbai, Edition E ven after searching for 6 years to find this issue of the Astrological Magazine of Dr Raman we could not get our hands on the full article for verification. The above verse is not found in Santhanams version if one is not wrong. If someone has this article pls send it to us. Then note the part on the right center marked in Red lines where Nadi itself mentions crystal clear the 9th aspect of Ketu.

All of us know that when a genuine nadi is gotten the predictions are more stunning than all the astrologers combined since it is the Sage talking. There is no alternative way to learn, otherwise wrong knowledge agyaan results. Especially if you are a Guru or plan to teach via phone or courses you must quote verses otherwise you will help in blocking your students mind by not teaching him to explore further. T he amount of hard work it takes to get a single manuscript out of any person in India is daunting and hence so far most of our elders have given up. If they know of someone who has it they will see to it that they will easily mislead you without realizing that Saturn is being spoilt in their charts.

Then the laborious task of sending it to various scholars in India, resources are used for that and then waiting for months and nothing comes back from the scholars. One only feels ashamed when one is constantly reminding famous astrologers here in India to part with their manuscripts, they agree but somehow courier services malfunction in cities malfunction always when manuscripts are to be parted and freely given to the world.

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Then the problem of translation……. Our efforts to get it from Denmark is on since 3. Imagine this happening to you not once but times in 4 years, what will you do, either you give up or cry like a kid and curse from your heart when it happens to you every time. You must also be prepared to face the egos of those who have knowledge of any language. Dear SA, he means Saptarishis Astrology After reading Jyotish Phalaratnamala of Krishnamishra translated by Ravindra Bhagavat and Sharmaji I have realized that me having spent 9 years in Jaimini parampara on internet forums is a waste.

Only one thing can be understood after Jyotish Phalaratnamala is read that is all of us have wasted our time in Jaimini astrology. In earlier mail you said you are doing more works and when you all publish the full of these works that you have started on Phalaratnamala, Kalpalatta, Jatasarasangraha, Sutradaprakashika I think it would be easier for us to realize that in this life we can never understand Jaimini astrology.

I pray you to success in finding Sanskrit scholars who can translate them and encourage people like Chandrashekhar Sharma, an old hand in astrology to continue what he is doing. Many know Sanskrit but you will find a dearth of them when it comes to dirtying their hands and putting their heads under the sword of real translation.

Sometimes it takes lifetime to understand God or Knowledge even if for years one does Homams and Havans. We are sure she does not do hours of homam daily but understands the meaning of Vidya as singing is also a Vidya. Sometimes Indians learn in Universities that are sponsored by Govt through tax payers money like ours and then they go to America and settle down forgetting that the very reason they can eat and live in comfort in America is due to tax payers money like us, the very reason they can get scholarships in sanskrit back in India is due to us.

Sir, if you are a scholar you would never say I am a scholar that is for the world to say so. We bow down to Chandrashekhar Sharma who has not talked about humbleness and scholarship but demonstrated it. You are hereby requested to publish this not because I want to take revenge but so that I can inspire s who know Sanskrit to come forward and work as a Team in translating Jyotish work, maybe this is the karma of this letter. Today we need teams and not individuals. O f all branches of astrology today Jaimini Astrology has risen in the last few decades thanks to efforts of few nice souls like Iranganti, K.

Most of us young ones feel that everything in Jaimini Astrology is already revealed and tend to use it to make predictions and spoil the lives of people. We knew that today predictions are not possible with the current knowledge of Jaimini. D K Sen was known to predict marriage to the week, years in advance and at times the job to 9 the day.

Your state would be like of most astrologers who have reached age of 70, spent time on dasas and only in privacy can admit that it was a mistake of not sticking to one or two dasas in Parashari. If something is a consolation our 6 years on net forums was wasted and mentors 30 years on Jaimini astrology. Stick to Parashari and little bit of nadi and you can achieve wonders. Apart from Chara Dasa do not DO NOT touch any other dasa till next 7 years or till you are mature enough to handle complexities in astrology. These two have spent exactly 50 years 50 by in Jaimini astrology whereas the average age of Astrologers on net forums is not even 30 forget the experience of them, even paramparas age is not Due to old age of Maduraji and Irangantiji, so far we have been able to remove out only few articles than what was our goal.

Here we have failed and it has been a costly failure. This prediction was done in Oct But instead of a book Saptarishis Astrology Magazine was launched, still his prediction holds sound. It is unclear if he used Jaimini astrology for the prediction as we are a bit sure that he knows more about Bhrighu Astrology but does not mention about it in his writings. Hence we sent one of our contacts Shanmukha, a young enthusiast and ex-SJC Hyderabad discussion group team member to Iranganti ji to write articles for Iranganti. The Master was old and after having being cheated by many so called students did not want any more student or volunteer to help him write.

He resisted a lot. We had to push so much for Iranganti ji to accept. Let us wait for Shanmukha to assist in writing Iranganti ji for more articles, the same way we introduced Andree Leclerc from Canada to the nadi master in Hyderabad Shri A. Sundaram for some nadi astrology secrets to come out. Some of you might argue that there is so much of Jaimini astrology available on the net forums so why are we cribbing about it.

In reality the toughest question in Jaimini Astrology that has been asked on internet parampara forums which none of the gurus could answer is How many major ancient commentaries of Jaimini Sutras are there in total 2. How many Ascendants lagnas are there in Jaimini 3. How many Dasas are there in Jaimini 4. How many types of Upapada Lagnas are there 5.

How many types of Hora Lagnas are there 6. How many types of calculations are there in Arudhas computation If you search these net forums you would find that people get upset when Divya Lagna and Tripavana Lagna calculation are asked. These are actually a part of Jaimini Astrology. Deleting messages of scandals from forums is common but if we do not know something we should admit it whole heartedly and not delete it.

Teaching is big business in India and West but predicting out of that knowledge none can do. Would not a scholar know how many commentaries are there, the names atleast? There are as per our scant knowledge 35 commentaries which are major, some of them Saptarishis Astrology Team members has uploaded it in the manuscript section which till date none of the Jaimini Paramparas of years have been able to do so. Ofcourse everyone talks outside the forum that if there is a parampara how come they do not have these ancient commentaries but none points it out in the forum as to how come these paramparas cannot quote a single shloka for their new dasas or lagnas since in parampara without quoting shlokas you are never taught.

Modern paramparas cannot list down their true lineage of years. No one can even name these lagnas and dasas, what about their calculations, what about how to use them, what about 18 years of experience in each dasa before teaching them. How many types of Arudha calculation are there, this is the basic question in Jaimini, you ask anyone they would say 2, actually there are 5 major types of systems of calculations of Arudhas which were followed by the ancients and none have spoken about it so far?

Then there are sub-divisions or views on these 5 types, and then there is the Bhrighu Arudha 11 System which in future issues we will write about. Coming back to Jaimini arudhas, in the ancient work Kalpalatta, the author Somanathacharya mentions about different calculation for male sign female sign arudha calculation, on the net Paramparas none have spoken about it and even in the majority of India none know about it. Read Kalpalatta translation in this issue, it is being brought out for the first time in last s of years, the manuscript you can find in the manuscript link of the website.

Mentor long back went to a man who was rumored to be well versed in Jaimini and mentor asked him how many types of Upapada lagna calculation are there, he was quiet and finally said only one is there. Mentor realized at that time this man only poses as a Parampara Guru but does not know Jaimini basics. We knew the answer via mentor that there are 5 types of Upapada Lagna calculation and when we were to start this magazine mentor sent us to the village of Madura Krishnamurthy Shastri, we asked Maduraji the same question that Mentor asked that Parampara Guru.

We were committing the sin of testing the knowledge of an old man and we knew it but for the sake of bringing out true knowledge of Jaimini we had to do it and in a second we received the right answer with a knowing smile from Madura ji that he knew why we asked. The question that must come to your mind with different types of arudhas, Upapada lagnas, 7 or 8 chara karakas, where to see Karakamsa chart in rasi or navamsa is that which one will you follow after all these formulas have come out in translations, who will decide this for you, the rishi or the fame hungry guru.

Any technique in astrology whether correct or wrong will always work on 10 charts at the end of the day is a concept not known to astrologers who are eager to believe what they want to believe as Rahu controls astrology and not Jupiter and Rahu is the significator of illusion hence some will swear by 7 and some by 8 charakarakas saying it works for them since 40 years or years without realizing that the Game Master is Rahu, the master illusionist who even deceived the gods, what are astrologers in front of Gods.

He deserves the credit for teaching all of us in the jyotish world this way Argala is to be used and aspecting planets in Argala. No doubt the Master, Mr K. Rao knew that argala is a confusing part and never commented on it and thereby avoided misguiding souls in the name of Jaimini astrology. Some of us know that only two opinions exist when it comes to charakarakas either 7 or 8 and most of us quote so and so scholars system of charakaraka, what not a single student or scholar has done is quote the relevant Sanskrit shloka where 7 charakaraka is mentioned or 8 charakaraka is mentioned. When on an internet parampara forum a friend mentioned that there is an opinion among top most scholars in Jaimini in Andhra Pradesh that both 7 and also 8 can be used depending on the type of chart, we were banned by that Paramguru. S o far in last years of astrological English publications few times some of the ancient manuscripts of Jaimini Sutras commentaries were mentioned. These were kept to a few select individual. Our team decided to help the lovers of Jaimini astrology by bringing this rare manuscripts containing commentaries of Jaimini Sutras out for the public since without commentaries and most important without all of them you cannot even fathom to understand what Sage Jaimini wrote.

Thinking that it would be welcome with open arms we realized to our surprise that our mailers containing download links for the commentaries were being moderated by moderators of internet parampara forums, some forums did not even allow it as if these moderators have become Kings in Astrology thinking that their forums is their territory.

Was everyone scared of something, of losing their thrones? Are Jyotishas nothing but spineless creatures, slaves and pets in front of their Gurus? Even some senior members react to commentaries being brought out in a negative manner whereas in Andhra everyone has died to get their hands on commentaries, begging and pleasing their Gurus for years, they get in return a big Zero and here it is being given free.

See this mail that came to us. Dear Admin, I am old now and given up on Jaimini Astrology which the legend Dr B V Raman introduced to us decades back, nobody remembers his contribution now among the young ones. There were tears in my eyes which have become weak when I saw you distributing for free download these commentaries on Jaimini Sutras knowing that I have spent 4 decades searching for them. You kids have done the unthinkable in astrology that none of us nor our heroes did, that is of distributing manuscripts for free for knowledge to truly come out. I feel as if they did nothing so far.

Not a single parampara has done it. I am not scolding here but pointing a fact that comes from experience. Mr Shastri I heard so much about this great man in Jaimini, he wrote path breaking articles in 60s but due to financial circumstances and guess my fate could not go to meet him.

Kindly pass on his address to me and I will be grateful, maybe one day I will meet him. But what I am not grateful about is what is written in these forums of young ones today. I do copy and paste below, ok. This is a very high path indeed for one who has the time and intelligence.. Guruji Sri Sanjay Rath has read all these commentaries, understood them, tested them, has rare commentaries not available to the average public , and has the teaching of a living lineage Parampara of Jaimini which he was born into and is required to continue.

How can a student endanger his own Gurus reputation throwing him armor-less in this modern world where if you hide anything it is considered wrong and a sin? Now think since you are a young publisher and must learn to respect elders teachings to us. Nowadays technology is there na. For me those commentaries are no use as I have 1.

Maybe I will read it in next life via your website. Get them translated will you. Wish Saptarishis Astrology had come 30 years back people like me would have quenched our true thirst for knowledge. During my days I was so passionate about my Guru Dr B V Raman whom I met 4 times, and would defend him against those who were against him. He was always criticized that he hid the Dhruva Nadi for years, I think he was gifted that manuscript in or 53 and even as late as s he said he would translate it.

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My best friend who was anti-Raman always told me that Dr Raman has not revealed the most important nadi Dhruva Nadi inspite of taking 40 years to translate it and I would fight against him and even to Dr Raman to release that manuscript. His health was not well I am told during those days and did not hear from him. Sorry you have to hear the whinings of an old man but after so many decades in Jaimini and Parashari Astrology one only feels frustrated as our technical queries are not answered in this life time, what will we predict from a chart when we are ourselves having doubts on our completeness of our astro knowledge.

W e have around major commentaries the work on which has already started and right now the translation of the monumental Kalpalata and Jyotish Phalaratnamala the backbone of Jaimini Astrology is being presented in this issue. After few years there would be some debate and a better translation will come out in them, that is the process of how knowledge comes out but Chandrashekhar Sharma, Virendra Battu will be the Knights who took the challenge and did it without bothering if they would be criticized or not. This only a true Knight of Astrology can do what it takes to be done whereas others sit and write articles but these translators are giving you the very source to research and then write articles, presenting you the tool to glorify your name.

No doubt their names will go in the annals of astrology forever as the men who did it instead of just talking about it. To bring out 15 commentaries it would take us 50 years, then it would take you 10 years to read and understand them, then another 20 years to master some of the dasas. Astrological organisations are equally responsible worldwide to allow this to go on and so are you for not objecting and thus weakening your 9H of dharma as you did not follow Dharma of righteous action. As it took us 15 years to understand why Lord Krishna urged Arjuna to fight and why did he not tell Arjuna to practice non-attachment which all of us practice by being silent spectators of the dramas of forums, may it not take you 15 years is how we would end here.

May you also not become barking dogs, that role only few have to perform. Start translating from Hindi to English, or from any local language to English or Sanskrit to English and make your Mercury powerful that is a bigger remedy than mantras as Gita propagates action to be the highest dharma. I f you are learning Astrology or Jaimini Astrology from a Guru or a Parampara he must tell you before you start astrology if you would be able to learn it or not.

Then if you are learning various streams of astrology each has its own planet, which should be strong in your rasi or a particular divisional chart. If this has not been told to you then the first step of honesty has not been accorded to you by your Guru or forum from where you learn. Suppose you are learning Jaimini Astrology, you must look at your Ketu; this point is not known at all. This Ketu-Jaimini technique is just a hint of a technique do not forget the word hint and kindly do not take it as the one all end all, a favorite mind set 12 of astrologers.

Now the Gothra of Ketu is Jaimini Rishi. Hence Ketu is very important for all those who learn Jaimini Astrology. The technique is to observe placement of Ketu His work would be soon brought out in the shopping section of Saptarishis Astrology. The concept of using houses in Kalapurusha for everything in astrology and not just body parts medical astrology is a Bhrighu Astrology Concept that was first clearly extolled by a Calcutta based astrologer who wrote articles in Astrological Magazine in partnership with Late Surya Prakash, the esteemed son of B V Raman.

Anyways the Great Late Vemuri Rama Murthi Sastri of Andhra Pradesh who is known as the greatest exponent of Jaimini in last years had Ketu Exalted in Scorpio in 6H natural house of Virgo in Kalapurusha of accidents and secrecy, going away from home to learn is also 6H , it is said he quietly by-hearted thousands of shlokas from his teacher in Banaras as his teacher would not part with the manuscripts to be taken out of Banaras and Vemuri is supposed to have finally burnt down his books in his house, which he claimed caught fire accidents 6H.

It is said there 14 was no one like Vemuri Shastri in Jaimini Astrology. Veemesaram, a Tamil work calls Aquarius as Rahu's own house, but nothing is allotted to Ketu. Jatakachintamani agrees with this, only for Rahu, while it mentions that Ketu is exalted in Gemini, and is in fall in Sagittarius. Sarvartha Chintamani gives Taurus-Scorpio as exaltation and debilitation for Rahu and Scorpio Taurus as exaltation and debilitation for Ketu.

Also see Uttara Kalamrita, slokas of Ch. IV, for more information. There are, thus, varied views in this regard. In order to clarify the effects of the Dasha of Rahu, I shall first mention the exaltation and debilitation rashis of Rahu and Ketu. The exaltation rashi of Rahu is Taurus. The exaltation rashi of Ketu is Scorpio. The own rashis of Rahu and Ketu are Aquarius and Scorpio in that order. Some sages have expressed the view that Virgo is the own rashi of Rahu and Pisces is the own rashi of Ketu.

As we mentioned at the start that Ketu in its signs does not restrict only to Jaimini, e. When we were just about to start this magazine we contacted his father, who though old told us that crap in the name of Jaimini is happening in internet forums, hence we begged him to write articles so as to clear the cobwebs in Jaimini Astrology, he laid down some conditions to us for him to write in our magazine which were not acceptable to us and thus the ego clash happened but loss to Jaimini Astrology happened forever.

It will always remain a black mark on Saptarishis Astrology for having failed in removing this real parampara out on whose house it is said the list of forefathers in Jaimini Astrology since years is written on the wall. Those who are from Andhra Pradesh know whom we are talking about. See house placement is very important, take for e.

Speaking of 1H suppose Ketu is there, you got the combo to learn Jaimini especially some rare points in it and if say it is in sign Leo natural sign of authorship your Karma in this life could be to write a monumental work on Jaimini astrology. Coming back to Ketu is in Pisces or 12H Pisces in natural zodiac certain ego can come since a planet feels comfortable and thus proud in own sign or exalted sign. Ketu denotes fish and Pisces symbol is fish and also a watery sign. Do not get fooled by seeing Ketu in its debilitated sign or for that matter any planet, debilitation is only a state of condition, it means more efforts are required to bring the talent out if the other 11 houses support.

Thus you will get a hint that Ketu and Jaimini astrology are very much interlinked. Finally, in this C S Patel Manuscript Centric Issue we publish translations of some of the rarest of manuscripts first time seen in the jyotish world, where the writers, translators have burnt the midnight oil to get them for you and also release 5 new Jaimini Manuscripts donated by Ravindra Bhagavat, digital size of it is reduced by Raja Sekhar, New Jersey to honor 92 year old Late C S Patel who started the trend of removing rare shlokas from manuscripts that were forgotten by the jyotish world.

Also all those unseen and unheard of heroes who have preserved these manuscripts must be first bowed to. It is the belief of the people in the Inner Circle of Saptarishis Astrology Magazine which is based on many years of close observation that unless knowledge is given out real knowledge in astrology never comes. O n the auspicious occasion of Datta Jayanti 1st Dec , the day of Lord Dattatreya who is considered the Guru of Gurus and a Guru avatar of Brahma, Vishnu, Maheshwara, this issue of the magazine which is a odd page volume is being placed at the holy feet of Late Shri C.

Patel who started the movement of removing rare shlokas from unknown manuscripts and presenting it in english for the benefit of the astrological world and hope that the injustice done to him by publishers of magazines and books at that time is healed to some extent now. By honoring such a gifted soul who did not have any guru or parampara or organisation or great money behind him one only exemplifies that even you can also become a C. Patel of Jyotish if you work honestly without craving for position, money or fame but have true concern of helping the jyotish community and not just for name sake.

This issue has been the one where maximum work has gone and one hopes that the readers of the magazine enjoy it as much as the extreme hard work that has gone into it by the volunteers, writers and team members. Though there has been more than 2 months delay in getting this out due to various factors of administration, it is sufficiently big around pages for readers to mull over it minutely for the next months. The only difference would be a new entrant would finish reading this issue within a month whereas a true seeker would spend few years trying to find the meaning of each shloka presented and testing the various techniques presented.

Each one of you including the new entrants are requested to mull on it for years and to test each technique aggressively. Our vision is not to be seen every month or every 3 months but to remove the hidden knowledge and manuscripts out as it is felt that today we practice or teach astrology after just years of learning without having read all the available material on astrology, this is Un- Shastriac and a practice that must be stopped by us only complete jyotish community.

To translate and hunt manuscripts it takes time and hence would like to come out either once or twice a year and concentrate on travelling over interiors of India with our limited resources. Hence once again a change in policy must be mentioned wherein the next probable date of release could be June-July Even if we present 2 BSPs in an issue, in this lifetime we would not cover the complete hence in this issue many are given.

This is difficult to explain in written form but if you constantly use it then you would get the Master Key yourself of how to use it more and more effectively, after 18 months of constant use you would surely reach at a much higher level than even what we have attained. But one must not forget that to use BSPs the rules of Jyotisha Purusha need to be followed otherwise failure in ones usage will surely result, this is what has been written and observed. We request more translators, typists, proof readers, Sanskrit scholars, english language editors to come forward as there is a dearth of them especially the ones who can selflessly do this for the future generations.

Even a work like typing an article or manuscript is not considered low status volunteer work and infact we here at Saptarishis Astrology have the highest regard for those who do it. These are far bigger than the gurus of today. The amount of manuscripts and old works lying with us is so much that one only worries as to when it would come out for everyone since today there is truly a lack of quality information for Jyotishis and to bridge that gap would take centuries hence our hurry in creating such big volumes. The next issue which would be the 2nd Anniversary Issue would be dedicated to volunteers, translators, authors and copy editors of the magazine.

For the Anniversary Issue we invite letters from all to express their criticism or appreciation for the articles presented so far which would be published in the Anniversary Issue. By Andrew McDonald, England. Andrew studied Traditional Astrology are faced with the mundane and not so simple task of finding another job in these extensively with John Frawley and is financially uncertain times. As the growing legions of unemployed wonder what to do recognized as a Horary Craftsman and a next, it might be instructive to see what Craftsman Astrologer.

He specializes in astrology has to say on the subject, indeed to Horary, Natal and Electional Astrology, and see if it can point us in the right direction has clients in these areas. For Astrological and help us navigate through troubled consultations contact Andrew at waters. The approach in theory is clear and simple. Andrew is also an artist. His work has The practical application is, like all things practical, not quite so simple.

Lord 10 will signify the job and the Lord work. Ascendant and Moon will signify the querent. Connect Lord Ascendant or Moon with Lord 10 or vice versa and we have new job and querent coming together. Fail to do this and we do not. Usually our attempts to force the chart into contortions to connect querent and job show simply a large dose of wishful thinking about a job that is, at least in the context, not essentially available.

It will be helpful to look at some examples, to see how the reality and the intricacies of the 1 matter and method play out The querent was in financial difficulty and worried; Lord Ascendant is Jupiter which has just turned retrograde in the 8th house of anxiety. Lord 2 signifying his money is also in a precarious situation inside the 12th house of self undoing and about to change sign and lose all. With Mercury also about to back onto the malefic South Node by antiscion this situation looks quite precarious indeed. The querent is also signified by the Moon who being close to malefic fixed star Caput Algol shows that emotionally he is losing his head in the situation.

One apparent problem is that Lord 10 and Lord Ascendant are the same planet. But when the querent is self employed, as in this question, this can be quite common showing that in this sense; person and job are one and the same. We can look for other significators of the job usually the ruler of the next sign on the 10th in this case Saturn but before we jump to this let us see what we already have in front of us. There is an aspect, showing something is about to happen, and this aspect is Moon to sextile Mercury in 1 degree. In context of the question the Moon, natural ruler of wives, to aspect Mercury turned3 Lord 10 could show wife getting some work also note that Saturn will retrograde onto antiscion of Moon.

To figure out the nature of the time units involved we consider only the applying planet and the sign and the house he is in. A fixed sign indicates a slow time unit, mutable a medium and cardinal a fast time unit.

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  4. As you can see this weights the medium unit heavily, but none the less this system works very well and is quite capable of showing fast if the event is fast and slow if it is slow. Try and you will see. The number of degrees to perfection of the aspect gives us the quantity of time units i. As with all things in Astrology it is vital that we apply this timing method within the context of the situation. We still need to weigh the testimonies carefully and most of all, we. This is a day chart even though the Sun is not quite above the horizon as it would have already been light outside.

    So in this context the applying planet is in a fixed sign and so suggests a slow time unit but it is also in a succedent house suggesting a medium unit of time. Slow and medium together gives us medium. But with the knowledge that due to the nature of her business she would normally hear on the grapevine about any upcoming work coupled with the fixity of the Moon slowing things down we may well decide to push up the time unit to a month. D uring times of financial difficulty we are often tempted to apply for or take on a job that is most certainly not the best thing for us.

    This next chart shows this exact situation. In this instance, thankfully for the querent, he looked before he leapt. Mars is Lord 10, the job. Lord Ascendant has recently lost his dignity and is now ruled by Venus Lord 11 or rather 2 from 10 the jobs money or wages, this is what he is now interested in. The wages are in their exaltation and so very good indeed and the benific North Node is near the 10th house cusp showing increase and beneficence which is of course, also promising.

    The Moon is Void of Course and is in its detriment exalting the job and in mutual reception with the job. This shows that the querent is emotionally exalting the job, putting it on a pedestal. That the Moon is also in its detriment shows that this is a debilitated Moon, it is not as it should be, and its love for the job is reciprocated by the job itself, meaning they both want to be together.

    This is cause for concern: He may be blindly drawn into this - With the Moon Void of Course the querent would be unlikely to ruffle the status quo and so if he has committed to the job and now is just having second thoughts, then things would very probably continue as they are, and he would be drawn into it. Hopefully he has not committed in any way. This can be quite common in situations like these. Querent thought about the situation some more. This is a classic heart Moon , head Lord Ascendant split. That is great news, Libra. Cafe Astrology's free daily horoscopes for astrology signs.

    And there are only 24 hours in a day. Your horoscope will help you to unlock your hidden potential in life, love, and career, and blossom into your best self. That's why Libra can be a good fashion designer, beautician, hairdresser or teacher of music and dance. Rob Tillett has been an astrologer for more than three decades. Apart from your personal horoscope for - Saturday, August 25, you can also get yesterday's horoscope and tomorrow's horoscope as well.

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    Libra Sept. Horoscopes also provide a forecast for what is likely to come by analyzing the astral energy over the coming days, weeks, or months. You can have a free weekly horoscope on your website too! Click on "Banners" in the menu of this page! Free Daily Horoscope from Oscar Cainer. Mars will be present in the Libra zodiac sign for the whole month. If you are a Libra, you thrive on balance in all aspects of your life.

    It's better not to overtalk the seduction with Pisces. This Cardinal Air Sign wants everyone to get along, and is happiest in a partnership. Libra daily horoscope for today. Find out everything about its personality traits, the dates for this constellation and what Libra men and women are like in love, including sign compatibility.

    Some of the most positive astrological aspects imaginable happen this week!. Yesterday's Horoscope.

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    View your daily Libra horoscope on love, career and money advice. Librans are very aware of injustices of others.

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    Astrology is based on the belief that the position of the planets and stars can determine the events of our life. Make changes at home that will keep your costs down. Libra is artistic, musical, level headed, sympathetic, perceptive and generous. Read now what the stars have in store for Libra next day horoscope on matters of love and career.

    You may be showering someone with flowery words in your desire to make them love you today. Find helpful information to guide all aspects of your life. Besides being a best-selling author and the founder of Astrology Zone, Miller is the go-to predictor for many top magazines around the world. William Lilly first penned these simplified horoscopes in London in the 17th century, but it wasn't until the 20th century that daily horoscopes first made their way into daily newspapers. Get advice from the experts at AskNow. Your free monthly Libra May horoscope is based on the general Libran sun sign.

    You might be popping celebratory bottles of champagne all year long. According to Libra horoscope predictions by date of birth and time, you will overcome all struggles in your life in. Libra: Sep. August Monthly Horoscopes for all 12 signs, written by Jeanne. Chinese Astrology Readings are popular today! Either way, all astrology has looked to the Cosmos for insight and guidance since time began. Libra horoscope September with decans for a more accurate forecast.

    The sign of Libra. Those born in this period are dependable and caring just like a true Libra and inquisitive just as Uranus makes them be. To answer this question quickly, I want to say that it is possible. More Astrology Traits and Personality of the Libra Zodiac Sign Harmony and Co-operation The Sun in Libra at the time of birth indicates that the deep behavioral patterns that characterize the life expression are shared activities aimed at seeking harmony and co-operation in relationships with others.

    You have a tendency to search for something better, a search which always seems to come up short. On the sentimental level, June will be a quiet period for the natives of Libra. I expect a status quo situation to prevail. August 22, Pay close attention to your work life when 's lunar eclipses come around, Libra.

    Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac. As the sign of the Scales, the Libra mentality is one of balance and grace. Summary of Libra compatibility. Get your free Libra horoscope emailed daily. The sign of Libra is symbolized by the scales and is associated with the Roman deity Iustitia. Libra is one of the three zodiac air signs, the others being Gemini and Aquarius.

    Chinese Fortune Calendar feels pity for you, if you leave our site and don't know your Lucky Element. Horoscopes And Astrology. The position of Libra is 15 hours right ascension, degrees declination. The Scales is all about balance. Free Horoscope for January , horoscope for month January with forecast for each zodiac sign.

    Warning: These horoscope are not sugar coated , but they will tell it like it is, how it is and how it can be only you and a positive attitude can change the. You have a lot of chores at home and tasks at work to finish today. In astrology, a broad description of those who are born under these signs are calm, rational, and detached when dealing with situations. Libra Thursday, August 22, Tap into your patience for the win. Weekly Horoscope for Libra by Deborah Browning: This week's scenario is highlighted by your need for a change of scenery.

    Pisces loves a mystery and will put out intuitive feelers to Libra's layers. Libra April With high-quality horoscope interpretations by the world's leading astrologers Liz Greene, Robert Hand and other authors, many free horoscopes and extensive information on astrology for beginners and professionals, www. Libra or Libra Rising weekly horoscope: The expressive Sun is moving toward the top of your solar chart during June. The Astro Twins forecast every zodiac sign's horoscope for today. Just 10 days after Uranus' retrograde turn in your financial sector, the Moon has returned with a chance to check in.

    Astrology is a universal tool for unlocking your greatest talents. Talking about it accentuates their angst. Missing out on the.