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Moko boasts 72 minutes per user visit. Mobile social networking really is about communication, and he pointed to the development of SMS. He said that SMS really took off when the networks interconnected, but the carriers still haven't learned this with data and web services. Bebo has done a deal with Orange. MySpace has struck a deal with Vodafone. Mobile data is not as open as the internet. The handset manufacturers add another layer of complication. Nokia and LG might want different user experiences on their handsets.

Nokia bought a small social network called Twango. If you use a Dell, a Mac or any other PC, you don't think about buying a computer to access a social networking site. The challenge for mobile is that you can have great services but can't get access to users. And he said he didn't even want to talk about data charges. The mobile phone is the most profound platform out there he said. But it's clear that carriers and handset manufacturers have not learned the value of openness.

Sorry if you cannot read English. LOOP is a company that posts its news in English. Antwort auf Beitrag Nr. And it is weekend. Those of you who were unsatisfied with MMS a day should be starting to take notice. And do not forget. Martin is working on the White Paper portion now. This is huge. Loop is concerned about its SP so action will be following. Numbers out end of Aug. I am buying LOOP. Last week and next week. I will stop buying LOOP when it hits. Will you please give me your shares?

Idioten sind uberall! Idiots are everywhere. And if there were no more idiots, no one could make money on the stock market. Everyone would be so smart they would make no mistakes. But back to facts. End of Aug 07 report is coming up. Read it closely and make your decisions based on numbers and cold hard facts.

No opinion. Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one. Back to Adultshop. Adultshop cashed up it's money reserves, built a Adultshop TV presence, and parted in good relations with the Loop. It offers carriers and others interesting methods to develop new and exciting growth. Loop offers their services with site supervision. This site supervision protects carriers from lawsuits and other legal problems that developed on My Space and YouTube.

This is attractive for business just for the simple reason that the Loop service protects the carrier and the particular business plan. Like Big Brother for instance. Remember, all stocks carry risk, some more than others. But the proof is in the pudding. End of Aug is coming up fast. Do your Due Diligence and Make your own decision. Investing is fun but it is also fun to make money from it. I look for small companies that make money and are undervalued. Also dividend companies that are undervalued. I like to talk about what I find and can make no money from the discussion.

You must make your own decisions and do not depend on me to tell you when to buy and when to sell. I do that on my own just like you do. Have a nice day. Further expansion in the existing markets and various European and Asian territories is planned for With MOKO, we have helped the phenomenon of social networking and unlimited video take a giant leap away from static computer screens and into the pockets of young adults.

The dream of mobile networking - where you can meet, chat and share multimedia content with new people across the world - is now a reality. MOKO generates in excess of 72 minute average session times on the 3 Mobile network, making it one of the most engaging mobile services available. Werbung Werbung. Breaking News! Diskussion zum Wertpapier. AgraFlora Organics International. Von schniddelwutz heute For Sure! Good Luck holders of Loop.

And so what to you non-holders of Loop. You can buy some more T Mobile the next time they offer some more shares at an inflated price. Then the halb-idioten will cry about their bad luck for years to come. But does anyone here care about the problems of the halb-idioten? Harz-vier empfanger? Was ist Das? The count goes up and down daily but always increasing form the low of daily. I guess Martin is doing his magic again. Just like he did for MsmNine. He is a natural talent. Oh my God, I will soon make another million just on Loop Mobile. With only one percents of the shares outstanding.

Mein Gott, was fuer ein gutes gefuhl. Someone else? Buy no more shares than you can afford to lose money with. Do not bet the farm, but if you have extra money available, use it to buy Loop and Buy it now. I pay the cost to be the boss. Warte nicht zu lange!!!! Moko: a mobile social network that centers around chatroms To use Moko you start by creating a profile about yourself, similar to what you would do on MySpace.

You describe yourself, upload a photo, and create your friends list. Typically, communication between users is initiated when someone for example uploads a picture. The conversation might start with people commenting on the picture, and might turn to a completely different topic like talking about their normal day or anything else they might be interested in. Sometimes two more users might want to take the conversation privately and this can happen through a premium feature called private rooms. All interactions on Moko happen via the hanset and you can add, edit, and delete content from your personal galleries and profiles, right from your cell phone.

Moko is a mobile only product. But the company thinks that some features may be better suited to be carried out on on the desktop. This is due for release at the end of September. MokoMusic, is a segmented section of Moko targeted for musicians, bands, and deejays. It allows them to upload their mp3 files and full length video clips from the web - something that is impossible, or very expensive to do from the mobile.

Moko is also going to release a version of their product that is enhanced and optimised for use on the iPhone. Pricing Any person with a phone that can access the internet can join Moko. That user will however have to pay the applicable data fees to their mobile company. Depending where the user accesses MOKO, will determine the data costs. Data is the UK is becoming very cheap, so this will not be a significant barrier to entry. This allows them to chat and view pictures and videos all they want for no extra charge.

MMS picture and video uploads cost extra. Once they are part of the community, Moko users or Mokies can pay for premium services like private messaging or private chatrooms. Moko shares the subscription fee as well as any subsequent premium fees with the operator or the billing aggregator. Usage Behaviour When you talk about mobile social networking most pepople tend to think of teenagers. Ian also gave me an insightful description of 5 common user profiles: People with a limited social circle: Single mothers for example who might not be as socially active in the physical world.

They use Moko as a way to connect to other users and form peer groups. People engaging in multiple activities: Fans of a tv show that are sitting on the couch watching an episode and using Moko to discuss about the show with ther fans. People who want intimacy: Youth living in shared housing or still living at home. They might retreat to their bedrooms and use Moko to talk to other people in a private setting.

Many of those users have a PC which is shared with other residents i. People who want to save money: They might use moko because it allows them to send and receive messages with their friends without paying for SMS. MMS has yet to take off on a large scale. The fact that Moko users have so far uploaded 2,, pictures and videos is a clear indication that the company can help mobile telcos better utilize MMS and increase their average return per user.

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Moko is also interesting to operators because it can potentially let them in on part of its advertising revenues. Operators are starting to realize the opportunity in mobile advertising. The average time spent is impressive and stands at 73 minutes per session per user and is far higher than comparable social networks profiled in a Hitwise study on social network user engagement. And that makes Moko potentially very profitable. The graph to the right click to expand shows average session times for Moko as compared to other social networks profiled in the Hitwise study.

Of course, Moko is in no way obliged to share advertising revenues. This exposes the moko brand, drives traffic, and results in higher membership rates. In addition, telcos with which Moko has an agreement can manage the billing for them. Expanding Beyond Australia You might think that partnering with a mobile operator in your country will open the doors wide open to partner with its sister companes in other countries.

But Ian thinks that you might as well treat them as completely different networks. For example even though all ThreeMobile operators belong to the Hutchinson group, they each operate as separate entities and you have to enter into separate agreements. And it takes a long time to go through each operator and negotiate those deals. In addition, sister companies can also be quite different technically. They have an office in London and are setting up shop in the US and have people there negotiating contracts with the carriers right now. Read it yourself. Lots of money left for the buildup and revenue is growing.

Good Report, no fluff. Ich have dann jede menge aktien von Adultshop um 0, cents Euro gekauft. Und immer noch 2 million Plus Adultshop Aktien. Durch kauf und verkauf und wieder kauf, habe ich meinen anteil von Adultshop und Loop etwas verbessert durch die jahren ohne verlust von eigen kapital.

Das mach ich immer mit meinen aktien. Ich bin sicher das Adultshop wird ihren business plan verbesseren, und gutes geld fuer anleger verdienen. Aber Ich habe keinen angst geld von tisch to nehmen. Ich rede gern von aktien und bin nicht ein mensch das ungluck auf die anderen anleger schmeiss aber Ich bin auch nicht eim mensch das ruhig bleibt wann andere mich ausschimp. I attack right away. Just like I did in my 26 years in the Infantry. I would rather kill you than have you kill me! Ich have mit management gesproken und die aussichten sehen sehr gut aus!

Hugh, Ich habe gesproken! My English is great but my written German ist nicht so Gut! Aber Ich bin gut im Aktien kaufen und verkaufen. I am confident that Loop Mobile is gaining market share and moving in the right direction. You will all later regret not buying at these levels. All Just My Humble Opinion. Previous roles included senior management positions at Fairfax Business Magazines and Fairfax Digital from — A key milestone during this period included his establishment and development of the online auction business SOLD. People think of it as a sideshow compared to the internet, yet in terms of revenues generated from content, it is already far bigger.

Tomi Ahonen, a strategy consultant, points out that whereas porn and gambling drove revenues on the internet, five content groups are more successful than adult material on mobile phones: music, infotainment, images, videogames and web browsing. He reminds us that in one annoying ringtone, Crazy Frog, outsold all of iTunes. A key reason is that most content on the web is free whereas mobile phones arrived with a payment system pre-installed for calls, followed by a premium service for texting. If the web had had its own payment system it would have taken a different course.

But the payment regime for mobiles is now a big problem, not to say a scandal. Small wonder that most most tracks are obtained by "sideloading" from a computer rather than being downloaded from web to phone. In an ideal world, pricing information would be freely available and people would adjust their buying behaviour accordingly.

They would be appalled to know that a "free" music track and even an unsolicited advert could prove costly. There is no such thing as a free download. Bud says that although it will work for some people it isn't a viable solution because in the short term it can't be universally applied, thanks to the popularity of pre-paid phones on which it doesn't work; in any case, the operators can't force people on to such more expensive tariffs. In the long term it wouldn't work either, he argues, because the mobile infrastructure, less resilient than the internet, would collapse under the weight of unlimited demand and a tariff structure that froze the prices operators charged while exposing them to unlimited increases in their costs.

He doesn't think that Wi-Fi - under which you can bypass operators' charges by routing your calls for nothing through the internet by a wireless connection - is a long-term fix, either. His solution is a system that has worked well especially for operators!

Under this scenario, content providers would buy data in bulk to deliver services to the consumer. This would provide a service that appears to be free on delivery to the consumer and at the same time wouldn't shut out the entrepreneurial activities of small "bedroom" content generators. If this doesn't work we will have to wait for a fresh solution. What is not an option is for the present disgraceful charging system to continue. It is grossly unfair on consumers and could stymie the growth potential of a new industry.

Until someone finds a solution, consumers should ignore such open-ended services unless they have a Wi-Fi phone or are on an all-you-can-eat tariff. It may need the threat of a consumer strike to force the industry to find a solution. Mobile Content. This is Huge! It is already a buzz on the street as I write.

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It is bigger than Huge. And right now? Going up daily. But don't forget, it is only money! By the way, buy low and sell high. I did it again, I bought at about. Mark my words. I was talking to management the other day about the status of Kink-Adult.

Kink Adult has been replaced by KatsKlub. Oh my Gosh! For every. I want you all to wait before you buy, and slowly watch as the SP rises to about. And then I will start selling my shares that I bought low, back to you for High. Little Fishes? Watch it and see oldmanbadman rdncoic prove himself right again. I am Seldom Wrong and when I am, I will admit it. Thank goodness, I never have to admit it. Oh yeah, good news is on the way. Just read this again and this time, use a yellow marker to mark the important parts.

After you mark the important parts, then read it again. Most of you will only start to understand what is going on here after you read it the 10th time! And it pays off. I will keep the 2 Millions shares I have of Adultshop for another day. On that day, someone will buy my Adultshop shares for big bucks. Just like they did this last week. I am an old soldier and can live on nothing. By the way, some of the best soldiers I ever met were from AussieLand.

They can kill Terrorists really good! There are about 6. They are held by the same Holding Company that holds the Adultshop shares for Aussieland. There are a total of 60,, shares of Loop in Germany and Aussieland combined. That is a lot of shares for Germany but not a lot for Germany and Aussieland combined. But I am ready for the pop. And when it pops, I will sell some of my shares that I bought Low, to some investors in Germany for High. Gosh, it is so easy when you understand how to invest. But another interesting fact. There was a German investor that bought 4,, shares of Adultshop at around 0.

He or she, then sold 3. Nice profit. And this was a German that knows how to invest. Bloss die halb-idioten Frau Dees and Doktore Pasteur konnen kein geld machen. Schade fuer die halb-idioten! Oder sind sie wie Frau Dees und Doktore Pasteur? Es dauert nicht mehr lange und die Kravaten Menchen wird ein stuck von torte haben wollen.

Ja, es ist fast soweit. Alle wollen Loop Mobile's Business Plan habem. Und was kostet das? Und wann Off Deck ist hier, es wird die Holle los. Off Deck does not need a carrier to operate, Loop can then operate freely in all countries Imagine, call all you want, for 3 or 4 Euro a month. Mobile Content, User Generated, data free. Downloads Free. Schone probiert eimal einen Free Lied zu downloaden? Frei, nicht frei nach dem data charge. But coming soon, Off Deck. Frei von charges von carrier.

Mein Gott wird das gross! Soon you will have big Euros too. Bald gibts keinen mehr fuer der preis von Heute.

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Get your Loop now or cry later! Martin and Paul are getting ready to pull the trigger and all heck will break loose. Last chance to make a fortune before Angie Merkel takes all the Money out of buying stocks. Soon more taxes on stocks but now you can buy the winners and save a bundle. Huge news for Loop Mobile. Loop Mobile in Amerika. It will show you my other threads. Maybe not. But it would be hard for them, because they would rather wait until they have to buy High and then Sell Low.

We like to buy Low, and then Sell High! That is the way to do it. They will never understand market timing. To use market timing, you must be smarter than a rock! They should both buy Mutual Funds. Let the horses do the thinking, they have bigger heads! A cross between [[MySpace]], [ ] and various instant messaging applications, it offers millions of user-generated pictures and videos in concert with live public chat, friends-listing and private, peer-to-peer messaging.

Users submit content to the site directly from their phones via [[MMS]] Messaging. These are then pre-moderated before being posted in one of three categories: Guys, Girls or Random. All text comments on the site are electronically filtered for expletives etc before publication any flagged content is then moderated by humans and Moko applies an overs age policy.

It launched the following year on 3UK and, in the summer of , appeared more widely on the mobile internet www. As with other social networking sites, Moko users can maintain profiles - allowing them to curate their photo and video media, archive their friends lists, keep track of their comments and bookmark their favourite pages within the site. Moko users can also identify themselves with tags and search for other users with similar interests. There is a strong editorial element to Moko, allowing the users to interact with the site's staff.

Moko also features a topical magazine Moko Zine and a competition section where users compete to win prizes by sending in themed pictures and videos. Was kostet dem Anwender ein MMS, bzw. Wie viele Anwender sind derzeit in etwas bei Loop registriert? And Now? Going to deliver what they set out to do. And what does that mean to you? And what is the share price now? This is the second time I am going to tell you all about a jump in Share Price. Because he talks to management, reads the news, reads the fine print, and is informed in his investments.

Why are our users so prolific? Because we take incredible care to build user-friendly and compelling communities. That leads to singularly loyal and happy customers… who love to show off. Haben Sie es Gesehen? Uber 75, MMS am einen Tag? Seit Amerika dabei ist, geht die zahl aufwarts. Time for What? Much Faster than in the last few months.

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No more announcements about user numbers but users numbers must be climbing also. Yeah, Loop Mobile was happy about have , MMS in a Quarter, now they get that in a couple of weeks, and it is growing. This week, Loop launched MOKO via the mobile internet, making it available anywhere in the world by simply typing www. Initially, the marketing focus will be supporting this in the UK and then the US at the end of the year. So consider yourself invited and punch www. Just type www. Next up — get chatting!! If you really want to get involved, send in a pic or vid yourself.

Die werden staunen uber die chat auf und mit moko. Ich habe meinen freunden in Amerika auch moko. Hat er gesagt! Now in the last 34 days, to today 1,, MMS were sent. Another few days will mark the 3,, MMS sent. Are you in? Pore Baby! I am in. And I got Gloves too!


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Auch fuer die Germans. Die Germans kann auch mit spielen. Ja Wohl! Mit diesen und weiteren Highlights stellen die sechsten Mobile Content Days, die am Auf den Mobile Content Days, die am Was bewegt die Massen in Europa? Oktober auf den Grund. Spannende Diskussionsrunden erwarten die Teilnehmer. Weitere Informationen zu Programm und Anmeldung finden Sie auf www. His eclectic career has taken him through banking and finance and on to three years as the general manager at the largest not-for-profit medical research institute in NSW, the Garvan Institute.

Trained in economics and with half a law degree to his name, Hoffman says he never had a particular goal in mind for his career. Many years ago a mentor told him to focus on being the best at what he was doing, and opportunities would come. A head-hunter had actually called his wife, who was working at News Limited, regarding a role in the digital division of the group. She declined the offer, but recommended that the head-hunter speak to Martin. Hoffman joined in April , and by the end of June had launched the Sold.

In early the business was sold to Yahoo! During the depths of the online crash in he worked with the Fairfax online classifieds business, and was subsequently invited into the main organisation to work on the business magazines division. The general manager of Fairfax Business Media, Michael Gill, describes Hoffman as a great guy to work with and a creative contributor.

He was lucky enough that the business hit profitability in his first month at the helm, but his goals were much more ambitious. In July he left ninemsn and towed a camper-trailer and his family around Australia for three months. Cliff Rosenberg started and ended his time at Yahoo!

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Australia around the same time that Hoffman built his career at ninemsn. Rosenberg describes Hoffman as well respected amongst his peers. That challenge was Loop Mobile, an Australian-born provider of mobile social networking services on 3G networks. He is involved in several other companies, including a non executive directorship with the financial services comparison site InfoChoice, and a couple of start-up private companies. I wanted something that was mobile-focused, rather than just treating mobile as something that was ancillary to a website.

Hoffman says a similar service will be critical to getting into the US market. And we need the same sort of thing for mobile. I think I am ready for the run. You haven't heard the news? The challenge is to make participation mobile as easy as SMS. Initially we might have considered it just a minor trend offering highly creative or bored people some way to express themselves. Later, as we began to see and hear more signs of its presence we may have started to participate ourselves, not really knowing where all this would lead.

Suddenly we look around and the world has changed. Content is not what it used to be! From product reviews to funny videos, from reference encyclopedias to special events footage we are turning to content created and published on the Web by our peers. This new world feeds on the cooperative effort of millions of talented people who contribute their knowledge, creativity and time for us to read, watch, listen and enjoy.

Sites like MySpace and Blogger are where you go to meet your friends, watch their pictures and videos and chat. Used by teens and company CEOs alike, a blog is a simple and immediate tool allowing people to publish their thoughts and experiences, often accompanied by pictures, for the entire world to see. The revolution is young, but User-Generated Content and Social Communities sites have managed to conquer cyberspace. A Camera with You Wherever You Go Since the early days of MMS, one of major barriers for adoption of mobile multimedia was the limited availability of camera phones, but this is no longer the case.

Camera-enabled phones are the vast majority of new handsets sales. According to iSuppli Corp. Recent years have also seen an immense improvement in the quality of the imaging capability in handsets, in particular sensor resolution, quality of the camera optics and storage memory. This is more than enough for all but the most demanding applications. The remaining challenge is: how do I share this multimedia with my friends?

Social Communities Go Mobile In addition to the great improvement in multimedia capabilities, current handsets are more connected than they have ever been. Whether over 2. Mobile operators, content providers and Web developers alike are realizing this, and they are leveraging these capabilities to offer a growing variety of rich mobile content and services. Uploaded media can then be browsed and downloaded by other users as premium content. Since launch, more than , media items have been uploaded, resulting in over 12 million paid downloads.

Posting text and media can be done by MMS or email, directly from the mobile device. Blogger also features a mobile version of the site, allowing users to browse blogs while on the move. Many more UGC services and social communities are out there, each with its own approach to publishing. Mobile upload to Flickr, the photo blogging site now owned by Yahoo, has been possible through an embedded application available on selected handsets. In general, the upload and sharing approach of most communities falls into the following two categories: Custom Handset Applications: The choice of services like Rabble or ShoZu, these applications try to maintain the service look and feel in the handset and often bypass the operators by using only direct data connection to the service site.

The main challenge of this approach is the need to develop and install the custom applications for an ever-growing number of handsets. Furthermore, this approach does not lend itself to smaller services and communities, which may not have the critical mass to justify a custom application.

Want to post a new picture and text to your mblog? Just send an MMS to the service short code or email address. Want to chat with your friends? Determining the Business Model We have seen several examples of services. Others, like YouTube and Blogger. While the jury is still out on the winning business model, we begin to see that many services favor native applications such as MMS and SMS for mobile posting. Modern handsets can send Kbyte messages, and that limit is growing as European operators begin to allow up to Kbytes and US operators already offer up to 1 Megabyte messages.

That is more than enough for high-quality pictures as well as high-quality video over a minute in length. Twitter, a leading mobile blog, chose to allow posting by Web or SMS only, therefore restricting the direct upload of pictures from mobile. It is in the interest of UGC sites and social communities to broaden the access to their services by allowing the largest possible number of users to post and communicate simply and directly while on the go by using standard messaging tools such as MMS and SMS.

Traditionally, the integration of Application-To-Person A2P services into a mobile network was not an easy feat. Once applications have been deployed, their use of network resources has to be monitored and managed, guaranteeing proper quality of service for all P2P and A2P services alike. In conclusion: As users seek mobile access to an ever-growing number of UGC sources and social communities, the Comverse Messaging Gateway can allow unprecedented network openness while keeping integration and management complexity under control.

Well Well Well And then I will without a lie, be selling and selling and selling at the high! I got lots of Loop! Loop Mobile is Geil Ole Martin and Paul are working their butts off with new pipelines of revenue for Loop. Getting ready for Respect and and Awe in the world. And you? Will you be positioned to take advantage of the spike? I think NOT! I will sell you some after the spike!

Das Verbreiten von Falschmeldungen etc. Aber es ist ok bloede meldung und meinung zu posten tag und nacht hier auf wallstreet-online. Big Brother is watching you und wir werden dein post entsorgen wann wir lust und laune fuer so was haben! The MOKO mobile community will be customised for the Indian market for fully integrated mobile and online capabilities. It has been specifically designed for the mobile handset and its additions such as private messaging for images or video and MOKO Music mean that if you have access to a mobile plus MOKO you can create and communicate from your handset.

Radical SoftNet is part of the Telemart Communications group of companies which is the exclusive distributor of Samsung handsets throughout India. It operates a network of 26 office and logistics distribution centres throughout the country servicing over 40, retail channel partners. Radical SoftNet provides mobile content and business services with its own Tier 1 Data Centre and 24 hour call centre.

Handset shipments are experiencing year-on-year growth at rates of About Loop Mobile Limited Loop Mobile Limited is an international provider of mobile communities, targeting the youth and young adult demographic. MOKO is also available worldwide via mobile internet at www. Loop was founded in in Perth and is today headquartered in Sydney.

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Its proprietary platforms enable the uploading and viewing of pictures and videos, personal profiles, live chat threads, private messaging, search facilities and additional features. Australian-based Loop Mobile Limited is a provider of mobile communities which targets the youth and young adult demographic. The average user session time is doubled in last 12 months and has reached 75 minutes per user session.

ANTHEM also serves major brands and entertainment companies that can deploy mobile social networking communities. To see more of her articles, please visit her columnist page. Autism Spectrum Disorders 3. Neurodevelopmental diversities 4. Clinical Psychiatry 5. Neuro-Rehabilitation 6. Special Education 7. Read More. Tweets by autismmacedonia. Users Today : This Month : Total Users :